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It couldn't be easier to get started.

All you have to do is contact our Inverness office to register as a client. This can be done a number of ways:


01463 220995

07736 345257

via a form on contacts page, or call in to our office

You will be invited to come into the ACI office for a Assessment appointment.

This informal meeting is conducted either by our Manager or staff member, lasting approx 45 mins.


This gives you the chance to tell us a bit more about your substance misuse issues as well as your

general circumstances. You will also be given relevant information about our service and any other information which may be useful to you. This "triage" process helps us ensure that clients in greatest need see a counsellor as quickly as possible.


When a counsellor becomes available, you will be contacted to arrange your first Counselling appt,

on a date & time which are suitable to both you and your c​ounsellor.


At your initial counselling appointment, you and your counsellor will discuss the counselling process and identify what you aim to achieve through your counselling.


Counselling is a very individual process and the number of sessions undertaken varies from person to person. Counselling sessions usually last around an hour and take place weekly.


All clients are asked to sign a Client Agreement which gives details of various aspects of the counselling

process and also asks clients to give as much commitment to their counselling appointments as possible.

We ask that clients try to inform the office in advance if they are unable to attend any appointments.

However if clients fail to attend several consecutive appointments without contacting us, they may have

to be discharged from our client list so that others from our waiting list can get the opportunity to receive

support and counselling.


Clients removed from our list are free however to return to our service at any time.

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