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 Is the addictive behaviour of a family member impacting you?

Do you?
  • get worried, frustrated, angry or sad about someone you know who uses alcohol, drugs, gambling, or other worrying behaviours?
  • struggle to know how to help them, or find yourself saying the same things to them over and over?
  • do your best to support the person experiencing addiction, but sometimes feel whatever you do or say isn't helping?
  • feel worried or down a lot of the time?
  • feel you don't have enough time to look after yourself, or important parts of your life such as work, and other relationships?
  • have trouble sleeping, or find it hard to concentrate?
  • worry about the impact of addiction on children and young people in the family?
  • feel guilty when you focus on your own needs?

If any of these questions sound familiar, we can help.

   Our counsellors can​...

  • Help you understand more about addiction
  • Help you make a plan to look after yourself and your family
  • Help you communicate effectively
  • Set boundaries and limits to keep yourself and your family member as safe as possible
  • Take you through all of the available support and treatment options for yourself or your family member
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