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Addictions Counselling Inverness

01463 220995


Welcome to ACI's new online therapy and counselling service.

Online counselling and assessments

In order to be flexible and meet the needs of our clients, ACI is offering access to expert counsellors from the comfort of your own home with our online service.

Along with your counselling sessions, you can also have your initial assessment

through ACI-Connect.

If you access our online counselling, you will benefit from the same high regulatory standards

that you would receive across all of ACI services, and will be treated by highly trained

counsellors who are specialists in the field of addiction.


To find out more about ACI-Connect

call us on 01463 220995

Online counselling services

Counselling sessions with an ACI counsellor through the Zoom app, in the comfort of your own home,

or somewhere else that’s convenient for you.

The flexibility of being able to receive expert treatment without having to travel to our counselling rooms in Inverness,

All you need is an internet connection. Helpful if your mobility, mental health or other issues make it difficult for you to leave home.

Day time & evening sessions available.

You will be able to see and hear each other without being in the same room.

A choice of appointment times that suit you best.

If you find online session are not comfortable for you, you can resort back to face to face at any time.

Our online counselling service is available for people over the age of 18 years, who need support with their substance use and dependancies.

You will be able to receive an initial online assessment to confirm your suitability for counselling, before starting your online sessions.

A separate, face-to-face assessment may be needed before you can start online.

For further information, and to discuss your needs further, call us today on:-

01463 220995.


ACI will advise if you are suitable for video services and in some cases, it may be recommended that an initial face-to-face appointment is arranged, your options

can be discussed further.

Call 01463 220995

Positive Outcomes from Online Counselling

Evidence shows that online therapy has lots of benefits and is an effective treatment method.

Main findings from research in this area*:

  • Online therapy has been shown to have the same positive outcomes as face-to-face therapy
  • Overall, clients receiving online therapy are very satisfied with their experiences, with many saying that the service is easy to use and means they don’t have to travel to appointments
  • Mental health assessments carried out using online therapy were shown to be as reliable as assessments made during face-to-face therapy

*Source: World Journal of Psychology

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