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Introducing ACI, addiction &

recovery services in the Highlands

Get free, accessible and personalised talking therapies in-person or from the comfort of your home.







About Us

If you are struggling with addiction, or would like to understand addiction better, then counselling can help We can help you understand your addiction, making helpful choices for your recovery.


We provide a safe, non-judgemental place for you to ask questions, explore the reasons why addiction has become a part of your life, and make choices for positive change.


It can help you heal from past hurts, communicate more effectively with yo​ur loved ones, and decide which steps you would like to take in order to live life the way you choose.

For Family & Friends

When a family member is struggling with addiction issues, it can be very difficult for everyone involved.


Even when we are doing the best we can to help, it doesn’t always work out.


By attending counselling, you can gain clarity about the situation, make informed choices about how to move f​orward, and be supported by someone who isn’t directly involved.


It's very difficult to care for someone when you have no energy, counselling helps you cope with the ups and downs of modern life.


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